Erkin Ünlü

Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer

Uswitch Limited | 09/2019 - PRESENT

Tech used: clojure, javascript, kotlin, docker, kubernetes, react, redux, ring, node, lein

I'm working as a senior software engineer and have been contributing to the affiliate marketing platform team in the revenue estimation and product tooling projects. I've started the first React project of the team, completed it to production and wrote the backend as a Clojure Ring App at the same time. Since then I've been contributing to team's product ingestion pipeline and other apis written in Clojure and Kotlin.

Senior Software Engineer

Quantemplate | 03/2018 - 09/2019

Tech used: scala, akka, reactjs, javascript, sbt, typescript, docker, ansible, amazon-web-services, kibana, aws- lambda

I have been contributing to all aspects of the product including the backend services written in Scala with Akka Sharding, the frontend application which is migrating to ReactJs with Typescript and based on AWS .

Scala Developer

Jobsite UK | 02/2017 - 03/2018

Tech used: scala, apache-spark, amazon-web-services, jenkins, sbt

I was a part of the team that built the data pipeline that is being used by other applications throughout the company. I focused on writing Scala modules for the Spark pipeline.

Senior Devops Engineer

TripAdvisor | 09/2015 - 02/2017

Tech used: java, gradle, jenkins, continuous-integration, postgresql, python, shell, svn, graphite

I had responsibilities for the development, build, QA and lab system of TripAdvisor. This included the development of the infrastructure, automating and monitoring it via setting up the metrics system, finally improve where possible.

Backend Team Leader

Monitise | 03/2012 - 08/2015

Tech used: java, scala, tomcat, python, mysql, ant, maven, gradle, mercurial, sql-server, spring

I started as software developer, then I have taken position of Backend Team Leader. Me and my team developed BKM Express and BKM Mobile applications which are rivals to PayPal Turkey. I also developed the main part of the company's mBanking solution, which is now in further development for various customers. Both BKM Express and mBanking is written in Java and Spring Framework, Scala/Play Framework is also used in the Web Api portion of BKM Express. I was responsible of the delivery, coordination and quality of the work of Backend team.

Software Engineer

Parkyeri | 07/2011 - 03/2012

Tech used: java, javascript, titanium

In Parkyeri, we have prepared a project plan, architecture, requirement, high level design and low-level class design for a EU project. The development was in Spring framework and Java. We ha CRM project for Vailant which was implemented using J2EE Servlet technology, one of natural gas heater producers in Turkey.

Software Engineer

Huawei | 01/2010 - 06/2011

Tech used: linux, c++, ace, network-programming

Developed the event server and load balancing software of the service control gateway applications family. We have used linux servers with the network programming framework of ACE

Software Engineer

Smartsoft Information Technologies | 06/2008 - 01/2010

Tech used: C#, C++

Developed both the front end and the backend of EMV Credit Card Fraud Prevention package, which was called SmartPack. The platform has both online and offline scenarios for fraud. For frontend I have used C# with .NET and for backend we have used C++ server applications that work on Windows Servers.


Resume Site

Open source

Used the starter template from which is a free starter template with Netlify CMS implementation. It is easy to customize the design with thanks to tailwind theming capabilities. It uses git as a backend and can be deployed to any static hosting service like Netlify, firebase hosting or Github pages.

Technology: GatsbyJS, ReactJS, Javascript


Out of business startup

Social media startup for tracking workouts and planning routines and programs to reach one's goals for physical fitness.

Technology: PHP, JQuery, Scala, AWS


Out of business startup

Social media look alike like Twitter to share a feed of wishes, goals and events with friends.

Technology: PHP, JQuery

Workout Logging

Open Source

Workout tracker application that is written with React and Typescript as a learning project. It utilises Firebase as a backend.

Technology: ReactJS, Typescript, Firebase, Heroku

Weather App

Open Source

A weather tracking application built for learning purposes. It uses Node.js and Javascript.

Technology: Javascript, Node.js, Express, Heroku





DockerKubernetesMobile/Web App DevelopmentDev OpsBackend DevelopmentFull Stack Development


ReactJSExpressGatsbyRingAkkaApache Spark




Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Engineering

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

2004 - 2008