Erkin Ünlü

Software Engineer


Royal Mail Label Trimmer for Etsy Sellers

Open Source

Label trimmer software developed for my wife's Etsy store in the UK. It is written in Vite, React and Typescript.

Technology: ReactJS, Typescript, Vite, Netlify

Workout Logging

Open Source

Workout tracker application that is written with Next.js and Typescript. It utilizes Firebase as a backend.

Technology: Next.js, Typescript, Firebase, Vercel

Bin Days

Open Source

A bin collection site I created for my neighbourhood. It is written with Next.js and Typescript.

Technology: Next.js, Typescript, Vercel

Rick and Morty

Open Source

Rick and Morty is one of my favourite tv shows. I have created a simple app to browse the characters and episodes of the show. I have used ReactJs, Typescript, React Query, GraphQL, and ViteJS.

Technology: Typescript, ViteJS, React Query, Netlify, GraphQL, ReactJs

Weather App

Open Source

A weather tracking application built for learning purposes. It uses Next.js and Typescript.

Technology: Typescript, Next.js, Vercel

Tv Show site

Open source

This is a React app that I built to improve my CSS skills by imitating the biggest movie database site in the web.

Technology: ReactJS, Redux, Javascript

Flashcards for Life in the UK test

Open source

This is a React app that I built to study for Life in the UK test, questions are loaded statically but can be improved for each user's own set of questions.

Technology: ReactJS, Javascript, Create React App

Professional Psychology Counselling Site

Open source

Used the starter template from with a Netlify CMS implementation. This is a project that I built for my wife's psychology counselling business and blog.

Technology: GatsbyJS, ReactJS, Javascript

Personal Home page and Resume

Open source

Used the starter template from which is a free starter template with Netlify CMS implementation. It is easy to customize the design with thanks to tailwind theming capabilities. It uses git as a backend and can be deployed to any static hosting service like Netlify, firebase hosting or Github pages.

Technology: GatsbyJS, ReactJS, Javascript


Out of business startup

Social media startup for tracking workouts and planning routines and programs to reach one's goals for physical fitness.

Technology: PHP, JQuery, Scala, AWS


Out of business startup

Social media look alike like Twitter to share a feed of wishes, goals and events with friends.

Technology: PHP, JQuery