Erkin Ünlü

Software Engineer


Flashcards for Life in the UK test

Open source

This is a React app that I built to study for Life in the UK test, questions are loaded statically but can be improved for each user's own set of questions.

Technology: ReactJS, Javascript

Professional Psychology Counselling Site

Open source

Used the starter template from with a Netlify CMS implementation. This is a project that I built for my wife's psychology counselling business and blog.

Technology: GatsbyJS, ReactJS, Javascript

Personal Home page and Resume

Open source

Used the starter template from which is a free starter template with Netlify CMS implementation. It is easy to customize the design with thanks to tailwind theming capabilities. It uses git as a backend and can be deployed to any static hosting service like Netlify, firebase hosting or Github pages.

Technology: GatsbyJS, ReactJS, Javascript


Out of business startup

Social media startup for tracking workouts and planning routines and programs to reach one's goals for physical fitness.

Technology: PHP, JQuery, Scala, AWS


Out of business startup

Social media look alike like Twitter to share a feed of wishes, goals and events with friends.

Technology: PHP, JQuery

Workout Logging

Open Source

Workout tracker application that is written with React and Typescript as a learning project. It utilises Firebase as a backend.

Technology: ReactJS, Typescript, Firebase, Heroku

Weather App

Open Source

A weather tracking application built for learning purposes. It uses Node.js and Javascript.

Technology: Javascript, Node.js, Express, Heroku